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Good Part.

These are not to terribly difficult to build and you could even build your own with a little work.

Get a web page maker software for under $100.00, spend a few weeks learning to use it and you are own your way.

Bad part:

Getting all of it to work, Getting it to look good, Getting the content included, Uploading it to a hosted account
Getting it to show up on the web after uploading, Don't forget the images.

Minimum time spent is about 30 hours for 3 pages and the money spent for the time.

The Build your own Websites online

There are sites out there that allow you to build your own with point and click type interface. That is fine, but you are then a captive to their platform and they have all your work.  You can seldom take it with you.

They also find a way to make money off your site with their advertising unless you opt out by paying extra. 

A professional 
may not cost you any more to build the site that ultimately belongs entirely to you with no ads posted other than your own.

Consider the $99.00 for 3 pages and placed on your hosted space so it will work.  Then ad the different pages and entities that would be customized for you.

Total cost is about $160.00 for a first year and $60.00 per year after that including hosting, and your own domain name.  You may find it a lot less expensive than paying $10-$20.00 a month for your point and click site. 

I use a 2700.00 package for this to be sure.  It even checks me for seo properties.  Then I sometimes  change/add/delete code manually.  "Gotta make it right!" 
As a point, I spend a minimum of $6,000.00 a year in new tools and hardware just keep it all to state of the art quality.

I use an ftp application to place the complete site on your hosted account.  I suggest NameCheap for most of the sites produced because it is easier for any developer and gives you great service. 


Suffice it to say, a database is defined as anthing that holds data.  A pad and pencil can get that done. 

Most people associate a database as one to any number of tables on a computer that holds the necessary data for them or their business.  They are here and have been for many years.  Even the lowly spreadsheet is really a database.

Creating a real live database application is really not for the faint of heart.  I have been studying and practicing this for over 25 years.

Our windows Desktop databases are built with an application where several tables can be connected and do math, concatenation, reports, input forms, letters, and much, much more. 

We build the database container with the right tables to hold the data first. 

Then comes the input forms so information can be placed and viewed in several different ways. 

After the Forms, we build the reports so you can print your results to paper, email, pdf, or just about any other need you have.

We make it all look right with the correct functionality and easy work flow for the user. 

The ide that I use for this is $999.00 a year minimum.  It uses Xbasic programming as it's back end, so any scripts, code, functions and other I need has to be hand coded.

These applications can be a small one user for recipes or for a hundred or more users with thousands of entries.   Size and complexity not the numbers of users determines the cost of development.

Small desktop image of an application that was generated.  This one has over 30,000 lines of code and 35 tables involved with 40 users all day long everyday.  Cost to develope from scratch was $11,500.  Not all are that large, but I have developed some where this would be like a Mini-App.
 windows desktop image
Let's Take a php application on the web as an example.  It could be Java, PHP, c#, c++ and some other ones

PHP is a backend for mostly data control.  Backend generally means it is not the part you see a lot of on your browser.

Database is usually a sql of one or the other and the php code is in files mostly called by javascript or html code.

First thing is to design the database and tables as always.  Of course, this is almost an art in itself anymore because a small part of the program is imbedded in the databases. 

We utilize forms, panels, ux, grids and a few other things that form the basis for the application.  They are used for input and showing data.

Then we build the reports.  Usually pdf format, but can be any form necessary.   We make sure there is ajax involved to help with speed.

I use a php generator for the initial development.  It helps me for the basis for the project and all the parts needed.  Once done, it is time to modify the generated code one line at a time. 

Having done that, we make the html and javascript with css for the user to have something to look at on a browser. 

The idea is for someone to click a website, read what they need, input data, save it, view it and print a report. 

Speed is important or they lose interest. 

I spend over $2000.00 a year on just php related tools to keep my work at the highest standards.

There are 2 types of these to be considered.

The most common for business is where they are using a website database app and they use the phone/tablet to sign in and access the data. 

This usually requires the webside app and then requires the database on the phone/tablet for offline information.

Picture this scenario.  Worker is out in the field with no phone connectitiy and needs to have a client confirm a sale with a signature.  We have to let the sale happen and then make ture the sale goes to the online database as soon as the connection is back up.  

The other is when you wish an applet for apple/google/windows store.  There is similar setup, but the client is going to download the app to the phone and use it to access from anywhere.  This causes the app to keep the data up to date by accessing the data in the tables on the web.

The data base on web can be sql with php, java or whatever, but the generally accepted database for the phone is sqlite and it usually runs with javascript and or jquery.  

Phone apps/applets usually start in price from...$10,000 and generally wind up at around $20,000.00 for a real decent one.

Sounds like a lot, and it is unless you are able to sell the use of the applet for 1.99 each times a few million copies.

Look at this from cnn and tell me?


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