Creating a real live database application is really not for the faint of heart.  I have been studying and practicing this for over 25 years.

Our windows Desktop databases are built with an application where several tables can be connected and do math, concatenation, reports, input forms, letters, and much, much more. 

We build the database container with the right tables to hold the data first. 

Then comes the input forms so information can be placed and viewed in several different ways. 

After the Forms, we build the reports so you can print your results to paper, email, pdf, or just about any other need you have.

We make it all look right with the correct functionality and easy work flow for the user. 

The ide that I use for this is $999.00 a year minimum.  It uses Xbasic programming as it's back end, so any scripts, code, functions and other I need has to be hand coded.

These applications can be a small one user for recipes or for a hundred or more users with thousands of entries.   Size and complexity not the numbers of users determines the cost of development.

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