How ALDA does Web Pages 

Several styles:

Static - CMS - Database - Hybrid - Hosting - Other

Hybrid Web and Desktop Applications

A full Web application with a full tie in to the complete desktop system at your business.  Maintain all business functions at your business while the Hybrid app downloads new store sales to your desktop as you work.  This hybrid system can be as automated or as personal as you wish to make it.

As we all know, desktop is much faster than web apps and probably will be for many more years.  That is why so many people opt for my hybrid applications.

No connection to the web?  No problem!  Data stays on your computer/phone/tablet until a connection can be had.  Continue your work like you are connected.

Best Buy Co, Inc.

Desktop application

High speed is the reason here and data is not put at any risk.  My desktop apps can handle any number of users and size of application you need.  Get accounting, counter sales, inventory control, payroll, and whatever else you need.  This can be done as an application where a user clicks a button and goes to work or where they log in from one of the browsers and works like they are on the web, but it is not the web.



IPhone, Ipad, Charts, Graphs, Calendars

IPhone connectivity available on all web apps and some desktop configurations 
I pad connectivity available on all web apps and some desktop configurations
Charts are for various reports and available on all applications
Graphs are for various reports and available on all applications
Calendars are available on all applications except a few and are great for scheduling

Clearance Sale

 SEO is an offering

Search Engine Optimization is the key to getting traffic to your site.  We do not concentrate on which page or page rank.  History says it is the number of visitors and monthly growth of visitors.  Visitor numbers are the first concentration and then we work on traffic conversion.  I think I would rather have 100 visitors a day where 10 actually do something than 1,000 visitors a day where only 1 does something.  The word is conversion.



Available to our Web Site clients: Get our hosting with plenty of space and SSL for free plus Joomla CMS Installed  HERE!  



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