We do Web Pages 

We use Joomla CMS:

This page is done with Joomla as is the rest of this site.

Joomla with a few extensions make sites look and work great!

Desktop applications can also be done.  

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 We optionally offer SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the key to getting traffic to your site.  We do not concentrate on which page or page rank.  History says it is the number of visitors and monthly growth of visitors.  Visitor numbers are the first concentration and then we work on traffic conversion.  I think I would rather have 100 visitors a day where 10 actually do something than 1,000 visitors a day where only 1 does something.  The word is conversion.



Available to our Web Site clients: Get our hosting with plenty of space, Domain Name registration,using the fastes servers and free SSL Installed.

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