Pricing for the 180,000+ A3-A4-A5 users that need to get up to date and run on windows XP through win 10 

You can contact Alpha for pricing, but be aware that they farm the work out to people like us and charge you 2 to 5 times as much.  They will quote the work at $125.00 to $250.00 per hour.  They will estimate the hours higher than the programmer will which makes it even more. 

Alda Consulting will try to accurately estimate your hours to completion and our current rate of pay per hour is $87.00.  This can be paid in increments as the work is done.  We have a timer applicartion we use to make sure there is no overcharge.  We never charge for our own research on difficult situations or for contact time.  

Example Project is moving a A5 V4.5 to A5V12 for a medium sized company.   Our estimate was 100 hours and it looks like we are on or ahead of schedule for them. 

We supply your app to you with an install package that can be used on one computer or on a server to handle however many users you need on your network using an unlimited or limited runtime.  We also have hundreds of functions and scripts already written that we can adapt to your project.  Saves time and money.

We supply:

Runtime, Shadow install as needed, server install as needed.

You can call for any clarification at 352.302.2015 USA or contact us here for email Click Here


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