Pricing Explained

There is no exact pricing for application development

Just a thought:  If you make $60.00 per hour and we charge $60.00 per hr and can do the job for you in 1/4 the time, Is it better for you to do it yourself?

For websites:

What we will ask you for will include(but is not limited to your), Text content, images, full access to your hosted account, any layouts you may desire.  You can even draw them out on paper or describe in detail by phone if you want.  The developer needs to understand exactly what you picture in your mind.

As far as database applications, it is different depending on the needs.

A little story:  I had a fortune 500 company ask for a desktop application to be installed in several countries at their subsidiaries.  It all had to be tied back to their home office in New York city.   A daily copy would be sent from each subsidiary back to the home office and melded/appended with the main application databases.  After a lot of discussion, it became clear it would take at least one flight per location and they had set aside a budget of $100,000 for completion.  It would have cost much more than the budget for the simple expenses.  I suggested moving it all to the web and a PHP solution, but they were determined.  So, we figured it all up and the final bid was 1.25 million.  Where the PHP solution would have been around $600,000.  The point being is that it is best to use the tools that are right for the job.  PHP web app would have been much less and much quicker to implement.

We welcome anyone to check our pricing for eqal work from others.


We charge by what we actually do and try to make it as inexpensive as we can while making it work as designed or better.  We never charge for learning, search time.  


Basic pricing is around $67.00/hr for desktop and $120.00/hr for web database applications.  We can usually give you a pretty close estimate on the whole job based on expected hours. After all, you want it done and we want to do the work.   

We get 50% up front and the rest on completion for all work as is the industry standard.  We do estimate the hours so one gets a general idea of the total. We can break the expected price into increments as needed and agreeable.  Website pricing can be checked for at  It may be all you ever need.

IT work for local companies depends on what is needed.  Labor part is in the $110.00 per hour including transportation time.  


Notice:  We do not complete others work or redo what they did 10-20 years ago. or when they get stuck!  We will start over in such cases.   



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