UpsLogs Book Electronic for 1 user

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Ups Logs Book

Designed to help Car sales, Boat Sales, RV Sale, and others to track their clients and potential clients from first meeting through purchase and after.

Helps with:  CSI, Birthdays, Vacations, Appointments, Notes of all kinds,

Dealers love this because you sales ratio to a meeting will generally rise by 20% to 30% from the same amount of contacts.

You can email, create reminders, or about any function you would normally do by hand and it makes the whole process easier for YOU, the client and the dealer. 

It also tracks your money and closing ratios.  You can use it to figure payments other information if your dealer allows it.  In fact, it can run a cash only dealership with very little in changes.

All inventory functions included.

This is limited to 1 user on one system. The multi-user versions can handle any amount of users on any scale from 5 up, but the main application is the same.

Runs on any windows system from XP3 through win 8.1

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