Desktop Developer

We are Software developers specializing in Desktop Database Applications.  We use Alpha Software to create some of the best and largest applications on one desktop or across Lans anywhere.  We do it reasonably and have been doing this since the late 1980's. 

We can handle all of this and more:

single computer, one user application with or without security.
larger application where the data sits on a server(or peer computer) and 2 to ??? can access it from any connected windows computer.
If you wish to sell copies of your application, it can be arranged.

All the forms, reports, with or without PDF files, Emailing in and out, exports, imports, Lists, images, data browses and much more.
Possible data connections to other programs
Data conversions from most sources

We only charge for actual work time and never charge for research or coffee breaks.

We can charge by the job or we charge hourly.  We can work on 50% up front and balance when complete or when hourly, we send an invoice after work on Fridays.  You can choose how you wish/need to do business and we will do our best to comply.

Pricing can he found HERE