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NO!  If however, you wish me to make ongoing changes to your site, I can either charge you a nominal fee as needed or you can decide if you want to go on a monthly or yearly amount.  That is entirely up to you.  I have one client with a couple pages that makes a price change and/or an image change about once a month that is on a plan like that.

Yes, but you have that opportunity also.  If, after install, you find a spelling or grammar error, I fix it.

The websites I do are normally complete for beginning White Hat "Search Engine Optimization" with good key words and proper website design to help you get started.  They do go together!  I do offer SEO as a service. Most services charge a startup fee and a monthly fee after that.  I have several of my own sites that are right up there in search engines and I never paid a service.  I will be offering the service as White Hat only.

 Yes I do, but only to a point.  Templates save a lot of time and saves the client money.  I generally make websites from templates and then modify the code(html, css, javascript, php, ajax, etc.) as needed to give my client the best overall performance, desired feel and aesthetic balance they deserve.  This is done even with the least expensive websites and applications.  They are all important to me.

I have several backup programmers for just such a contingency.  We all have the same tools in most part and are capable of filling in as necessary.

You mostly don't.  For websites, it is 50% up front after you have viewed the general site layout(on my hosted account) and approved it.  The other 50% is due before deployment.   For Database applications, it is again 50% up front after we have discussed and agreed on functionality plus price and you get updates at least once a week.  These are generally accompanied by pictures/movies and other to keep you up with the progress of your application.  The cms sites are generally viewable as the work is being done.  At times, you may be viewing while I am working and you may hit "F5" to refresh and it be all different. 

 All sites and applications are built to your needs/wants and specifications.  If I use stock photos off the web, they are generally very poor quality.  Your pictures will be much better and there is never an infringement problem.  It is the same thing with wording on a site.  We can't copy other peoples stuff all the way down.  You are the one that owns the content and are ultimately the one responsible.  If you give me what you want, I am covered.

That is why we work together and build everything to your needs at the front.  If there are minor changes, you have 30 days to bring them up and we take care of it.  You generally have 1 year for bugs(something causes a problem or does not work).  Understand that a change in your hosting provider can change the way some things will work.  I keep a record of what site is with what provider.  Example: a responder may not work the same on godaddy as it does on namecheap even though they are both hosted on Linux. 

I provide you a backup copy of all your work without data, so you can just upload the application or website again.  It is up to you to BACKUP YOUR DATA AND FILES.  If you have done you backups, you should lose nothing except for the newest work after the backup you did.

 I do most website work with a Microsoft suite including html5, css and javascript.  I try hard not to put anything in that would cause problems for someone else.  It can still happen, but remember you have a backup.

 It would be best to call ALDA each time to do this for you using the same tools that made your site.  Or pay the extra and have a "CMS" application built that you can use for this purpose from the start.  With a CMS application, you will be able to change the enable parts of the application you need to.

First of all, I don't ask for anything I do not need and be assured, if there were another way, I would not ask for it.  To make sure a website is properly uploaded toy your hosted server, I will need FTP(File transfer protocol) privileges so I can place it where needed and test5 it.  Sometimes  with a provider like godaddy, I need your account information to change an email address or similar to test an operation like a responder.  I do not keep these!  I don't even want them!!  They are just necessary.

You can pay by check, paypal or credit card through pay Pal.  With pay pal, I never see your credit card number or any other information.  The paypal button on the Quick Payment Page connects directly to pay pal and they let me know when money is there.  The button will allow any amount you need to pay.  Please only put in what we agree on?  Then let me know you did that??

Distance is no longer a problem with the internet age.  I have done work for people all over the world the same way as next door.  You send your pictures and wording via email.  If email is a problem, there is drop box and other methods.  If all else is not to your liking I can open an ftp account for you and you can send your pertinent data that way.  I have accepted files that exceeded 200 megabytes by ftp.  Last possible ways are a thumb drive or cd and the mail system.

I have done database work for 3 major oil companies, 2 major entities on wall street, many fortune 1000 companies, several fortune 500 companies, 1 fortune 100 company, many individuals, many small businesses, and one very large national insurance company.  I wish I could list all names, but most of them have me sign a non-disclosure statement before awarding the bid.  I have always kept my word to them, and won't change that.

 I am semi retired.  I have my retirement income and whatever I can make that does not exceed a certain amount.  If I charge what I used to, it could hurt my overall income.  I also do not need a major income anymore, but really have a need to keep busy.  I hate being useless!

You do.  As always, a programmer owns the code to any application and it automatically falls under federal acts that give the rights to the programmer.  Most website code is nothing more than html and javascript that is hard to determine ownership on.  A database application is under the rights as previously described.  However, the data always belongs to the person/company that put it in.  Programmers never own your data.